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What is offshore web hosting ?

offshore web hosting can be located in tax havens or high tax countries. As with finances, servers located in tax havens will enjoy greater opacity than in a country of high taxation, because as a general rule the hosting will not be resident in the country and will have more favorable laws in your country. of residence. When a person hires an offshore web hosting they have to keep up with the internet communications of the country and the technology to avoid any type of error generated in the transmission of data. offshore web hosting generally is more safe than normal hostings.

The benefits of offshore hosting. Is that you maybe can find some offshore vps hosting cheap if you are looking for VPS in this case, also you can find for example offshore bitcoin hosting and offshore web hosting no dmca

The offshore web hosting is often used by online casinos, bingo machines, currency exchange machines, poker, Forex investment businesses, online bitcoin businesses, grow shop, pharmacy, adult content businesses, replica sales businesses, software downloading, downloading music, offshore payment charts, financial services, gold sales and purchases, jewelry stores, insurance slides, multilevel marketing, phone app. Businesses that by their nature are illegal and the owners of offshore hosting are not located in a tax haven will collaborate with the authorities of a country if there is any kind of judicial requirement. Businesses that cannot be housed in a hosting by nature will be the sale of illegal drugs, the sale of arms, child pornography, infringement of copyright, warez website, dmca ignored hosting etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages of offshore web hosting

benefits of offshore hosting, such as:

  • They avoid licenses and formalities imposed by governments.
  • They cannot close the posting to a person if there is no court order issued by the country where the online business is operating.
  • Anonymity: they avoid collaboration between the authorities and the company where the hosting is located.
  • Hiring the server quickly and without travel.
  • Tax savings: normally offshore hosting are based in countries outside the European Union and they will not be able to charge you VAT when hiring the server.
  • Offshore hosting works all over the world. They can be hired by natural and legal persons.


Types of offshore web hosting

The types of offshore bitcoin hosting that exist in the market are similar to those that we can find in our country of residence.

Depending on the needs and size of our project we have the following types:

  • Offshore webhosting
  • Offshore hosting VPS
  • Offshore dedicated
  • hosting Cloud offshore
  • offshore anonymous web hosting

Depending on the company where we hire the offshore server, the client will have the option to manage it himself or the company will carry out the relevant updates of server operating systems but this option is usually more expensive. In our opinion, the servers with the best benefits are offshore hosting dmca ignored and offshore vps hosting cheap due to their speed and flexibility.


Which countries are recommended to buy anonymous offshore hosting with speed is the follow countries: Panama, Singapur, Hong Kong, Moldova, Russia, Switzerland, Seychelles, Japon, Romenia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Norway, Costa Rica, Luxemburg, Netherlands. That depends in which country is hosted the server, and what kind of business you want to host, you need to comply with the required law in those countries to avoid any trouble or legal pression. But if you do everything right and you don’t do anything against the law of country you are using, you will be fine and you won’t face any problem or trouble.


best web hosting offshore

For example, if one person wants to open a casino online, and see that you will need a license in your country, to have the game open and to start a new one. You need also to know the prices / costs of the licenses of the game (150.000) that is expensive for a client. And Client wants to open a business company in Costa Rica with game licensing, and one bank account in name of the company in Europe, for example in Bulgary. When you have all formed and with all legal struture. You will face the issue “where i will host casino game”? You can host it for example in offshore vps hosting cheap or cheap offshore warez hosting

In your country you cannot do so because the authorities require a gambling license for your casino and you cannot have clients from your country of residence, nor bill them, nor that your clients can pay to your bank account in your country of residence since It would be carrying out activities that require regulation and it does not have it. To avoid this, an offshore hosting is contracted in Panama where it will host the entire casino platform and the clients from their country of residence when they search Google or Yahoo on their website, the casino website will appear.

Casino clients looking in their country of residence are connecting to the server in Panama and not to any server in the country of their residence, in this way, the activity is not carried out in the country of residence of the final beneficiary but in the country where The casino is hosted, apart from this, the server will be in the name of the Costa Rican society that allows it to carry out gambling activities all over the world except Costa Rica. As can be seen, offshore hostings are widely used worldwide to avoid legal loopholes that exist in countries with high restrictions. You should use bitcoin offshore hosting in this case of casinos.

Offshore Colocation Hosting Datacenter – Colocation of secure hosting services, hosting services only that you need to send us your computer equipment and we will connect you to the secure and high speed network. Our Colocation services allow you to take complete control of the hardware, software, and backups, changing anything as convenient, but for your own server and network equipment, send it directly to us or send your current equipment (mountable in rack) to it. Colocation in our other installations.

Virtual Hosting – we have a wide variety of features in any hosting you can choose and make your site perfect. The variety is so big, that our customers tell us that they need a reel to put all the features they want. Domain Registration Anonymous Domain registration without your home address, email, and phone number available to publish. The service is also useful for people who care about spam as well as those who have personal reasons for not connecting their real life to their web site.


Which Payments I should use to buy reliable offshore hosting?

You should use:

Cash by Post (very rare to find)

any method that doesn’t require to much personal information about you, bitcoin is the best it can be LiteCoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Etherum, XMR etc.
PaySafeCard is only available in Europe countries like Spain, Portugal and others. That is a great option, but taxes are higher. Keep it in mind.

In last option you have Paypal is more secure, but it isn’t Anonymous. You can be traced if you buy with Paypal.

What is an Offshore anonymous web hosting?

Offshore anonymous web hosting, is an Hosting that allows you to use fake information or don’t use anything. They are usually good for high privacy, freedom of speech and Full Data Privacy, that requires a lot of investment from Hosting part, also their prices won’t be so cheap. Why? Because they are doing something that can put them in trouble, no matter what. They can have trouble because some customers actions. For this reason Cheap Anonymous Hosting doesn’t exist, even if exist, you will face some problem. Because to stay Anonymous and use Anonymous Providers and Datacenters / Colocation is not cheap, is always expensive. And someone needs to pay the bills. Right? That is an offshore anonymous web hosting resumed in seconds.

Expect prices above 30€ for Web Hosting, and Dedicated Servers under and above 100€. That is strictly anonymous host

Why use offshore bitcoin hosting?

Can be good if you are running away from bad guys, always will be good option, but keep in mind that requires investment, and is a good option for your cases. You can use fake information but you can be suspended if you make something highly illegal or criminal activity.

For things like Freedom of Speech, Privacy you will be “fine” but for Criminal activity you can be in trouble. In this cases is best use Bulletproof Hosting which is not our case.

If you are looking to find hosting offshore indonesia that is not possible, we recommend you use in the countries listed above. Because not all hosting offshore indonesia are really offshore like they advertise.